My Favorite Girls Vol. 2


These magnificent women make things happen and aren't afraid to be themselves.  Their sheer presence at any function makes you want to be close to them.


Left Photo- Lenita Y. Gipson is a Chicagoan and Hampton University Biological Science graduate.  She works tirelessly in Continence Care/Urologicals by day, fights obesity by night, and is always committed to volunteerism and helping to rebuild our village.


Center Photo- Gena Pemberton is from Edmonton , Canada, but now resides in the Tri-State area.  She is a Finance Professional by day...funny person 24-7 who is in the middle of a stand up comedian comeback. 


Right Photo- Koren Martin is originally from New Jersey. She is an Art Enthusiast & Culture Buff who loves to inspire youth to discover their possibilities by developing imagination and purpose. 

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