So now you have finally made it….. CORPORATE AMERICA... Now you need to LOOK the part…. Transition from timbos and jeans, hoddies and white tees, snap backs and AF1’s…. but before you stroll in the boardroom here is how you make that first appearance…. * and no, it’s not in a pair of gap khakis and BIG PONY Polo Tee and your brother’s blazer* Your first impression is your BEST impression. The foundation to any career move whether it is Wall Street or Silicon Valley…. is the 2 or 3 button all season wool (yes wool) is three colors: * I know you love your pastor’s 9 button ensemble and the Steve Harvey collection but unless you are heading to the pulpit or the TV as a comedian… leave it the closet for 40 and over happy hours… or just don’t buy it……* The Gray Suit The Anchor of your business wardrobe; always appropriate, especially for your first interview. A gray suit looks sharp and clean with a white, soft blue, or light pink shirt but is versatile enough that it'll go with just about anything. Medium or steel grey is power move… The Solid Navy Suit Call it your presidential flow. A navy suit is always classic choice, from that 8am presentation to 5pm happy hour. It lends itself well to almost any shirt-and-tie combination, but to up the no frills look: crisp white shirt, a dark solid tie.

The Khaki Cotton Suit The heat is ON! Miami/Vegas/Cali….6 months on the job and you are the office favorite… knocking down all the new accounts.. there is a conference all expenses paid and you are the MAN! Do it in style with a khaki cotton suit. Pair it with a solid or (white, or pink) or soft pastel checkerboard shirt and a dark tie (kill with the bowtie) for the office, then loosen it up (e.g., lose the tie and socks and throw on some cotton/linen solid white Converse All-Stars) for an evening out.
-Written by CJH
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