The Ray Rice Decision

 Let me start this one by saying. I'm glad Ray Rice will no longer be on the football field, because I feel what he did should not be supported. However before we go over board with gratitude to the Baltimore Ravens organization for Releasing Ray, let's remember it wasn't all because the felt bad for Ray's wife, they made a business decision. Yes I'm relieved the Ravens made the appropriate decision in this matter, but I also remember that prior to the second video surfacing Ray Rice was slotted to take the field in two weeks. The incident occurred in February. NFL insiders say Ravens front office knew what was on the tape, Roger Goodell (nfl commissioner) examined all evidence prior to his decision to suspend Rice for two Games. John Harbaugh (ravens head coach) said in an interview on ESPN "This is the first time we've seen the tape.""And yes it changed things."

  Im sure it did change things John. The fact that your team would likely to be boycotted if you kept Ray on board will change things. Ray Rice is now publicly known as the official Wife Beater, therefore he is no longer marketable, and brings a constant stream of negative attention wherever he goes. It wasn't until the world saw the tape did they decide to cut him. Only then did Ray become damaged goods. So it doesn't matter if the Ravens saw what was on the tape or not, keeping Ray would've cost them millions.

Ol Ray Rice, not sure if he will end up doing jail time or not. He will probably survive by selling autobiographies, eventually ending up on a VH1 reality show, or in The Hangover 6. But no place for him in football at least not now barring he makes some kind of drastic change to make people forget or forgive this incident. Only time will tell.


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