Interracial Dating at Work

Okay, you are suited and booted and winning others over with your gregarious personality. Inevitably you will catch the eye of one or more of your female coworkers. So here’s the moment of truth, what do you do when you catch “Katie” from marketing give you a little extra attention?  Well let’s keep it real a well-dressed brother with a 401K has no shortage of female admirers. So my best advice would be, don’t dip your pen in “Company Ink”. In other words don’t flirt at work.
However, if you insist on dating a coworker, you must learn to turn off the charm at work and only date after hours. Otherwise, both of your jobs may be in jeopardy. Be smart and check your company handbook for policies. Most companies are OK with office romance so long as your hookup isn’t a direct subordinate or supervisor.
Contemplate the aftermath. Even if it’s just a friendly “mouth hug” with another consenting adult, people are going to talk and speculate. The juiciest kind of office gossip is office romance gossip. People will undoubtedly talk, and many will confront you about the rumors. Don’t be surprised if you are deemed a “sell out” or “white washed” by any “sistahs” in the company that pick up on or even suspect the interaction between you and “Amy” is more than platonic. Remember you can’t just “do” just any “Becky” giving you some rhythm, this is your career and professional reputation on the line and you have everything to lose.
Be cognizant that even if she approaches you at the company happy hour, she could very easily turn around and throw you a sexual harassment case. Don’t be the one so eager for a “treat” that you end up with a “trick”!   Unless you’re having an affair with a married coworker, who has just as much to lose tread lightly and be discreet. Save the swag for First Fridays, because getting caught up at work is simply unprofessional.

-Written by The Corporate Insider


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