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So you have finally made it and as a new Corporate Brother are enjoying the trappings that come with your status. Nothing says who you are and what your taste is like your movie collection. It is a statement of what you value and your singular personality. As you are looking into expanding your library of cinematic offerings, take into account that you are a Corporate Brother as that is a part of your unique identity and place in society. Your collection, while entertaining, can also speak to your values and those things you deem important. Let me give you suggestions for Movies Every Corporate Brother Should Own…

Coming to America- The quintessential “boy meets girl from two different worlds” story has more than enough laughs to entertain a wide variety of guests while speaking to differences of wealth, class, and station and overcoming those in the name of love and being happy. You may identify with the controlling parents who push us all to elevate the family legacy above all else. A great feel good comedy.

Bamboozled- You need this one in your collection to keep you grounded as you begin your corporate ascent. It will expose you to the pitfalls of being too Black in the workplace in order to maintain your integrity or selling out to get ahead. This one touches on how you as a Corporate Brother can become part of a machine that chews up our community for profit and spits it out, and the toll that it can take on your spirit. This is the one that you watch by yourself and never forget what you see and learn.

Malcolm X- When you need to understand the impact of change and especially a change in mindset, watch this film. From this film, you can learn that your past decisions or environment cannot hold you back if you choose to change how you think and aspire to something greater. It will show you that with the right mindset you can effect change on the world.

Boomerang- When you think that as a Corporate Brother that you want to date within your workplace, this is a must have for your collection. This film shows corporate life from the rare perspective of a majority Black owned and staffed company. Within this environment, you see another Corporate Brother enjoying the benefits of being successful at work and with the ladies in his work environment, until he meets his match and it all falls down. This one is a great one to have in your collection whether entertaining a group or that “special” friend.

The Best Man/Love Jones- These are your “date night” movies. You need movies like this in your collection for those quiet nights when you want to entertain a woman and set a mood. These movies have erotic, steamy scenes and suggestive banter, but are still time-tested and entertaining. They have the romantic twists that will get her mind racing without making you look like a pervert.

The Five Heartbeats- This is your feel good, rise and fall, redemption story. This film is entertaining but you will learn that how you treat people on the way up may affect how long you stay there and who will be around if you fall down.

The Pursuit of Happyness- This film is one that will show you the power of perseverance and hard work through any circumstance. Remember you have made it here, so think what it is like for someone who looks just like you trying to get where we are with the odds stacked against them at every turn. When you watch this you will understand how important it is to go after what you want with abandon and to never give up.
The Tuskegee Airmen- This is the historical film that will remind you where you come from and the sacrifices made and endured for you to be where you are today. It will remind you of the level of excellence that you have to exhibit in order to get half as far as others and that even then you may receive your just due because of your skin color. This is a film you watch when things get hard here in the corporate environment to re-focus and renew your resolve to keep reaching higher in order to open the door and make space for the Corporate Brothers that come behind you.

A Soldier’s Story- This is the movie that reminds you that, when existing in the corporate environment, the complexities of dealing with other Corporate Brothers are REAL, and you have to be aware of this fact at all times. Every Corporate Brother isn’t your brother and doesn’t have you interests at heart. This movie shows just how where we grew up, how, and what our experiences are can define how we identify with one another or not…especially in an environment that isn’t our own.

School Daze- When you want to reminisce about those great college days, this is the movie you need to have in your collection. From Homecoming, the fraternities, and hanging out on “the yard”, this film embodies the HBCU experience with a message. It deals with issues such as cultural identity and responsibility as well as the intra-racial dynamics that unify and divide us even in a collegiate setting. This movie will have you laughing and thinking at the same time and is great to watch with a group. You’ll all be Doin’ the Butt as soon as you hear the song.

-Written by Charlie Wonderful

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