Emasculation of the Black Man

When I look at the state of black relationships, I become deeply troubled. It’s a move every single man fears and every committed man hates: the emasculation of the black man in relationships. I’m not talking about gay and lesbian relationships, nor am I hinting to people staying in bad relationships AT ALL. I’m talking about Black women literally assuming the role as the lead in the relationship, because she thinks he is incapable. When did the game change? At what point did Black women start wearing the pants while the man started wearing the dress in the relationship? It is literally the systematic “bitching out” of the Black man as it relates to his role in the relationship. Where does this misinformation begin and/or come from?

1. Media. It is truly amazing how media looks negatively upon black men. Every time you turn the page or turn on Fox news we are portrayed as nothing but financially strapped, unemployed, ignorant, bumbling fools who can barely finish a sentence let alone be successful in relationships with black women.  Now in the interest of keeping it real, YES we have some Black men who do not handle there business, but it is nowhere near as many, nor as bleak and hopeless as we are portrayed. Example, without mentioning Black men playing sports, dancing, or singing name 3 POSITIVE TRAITS about Black men. I’m waiting and remember, don’t pop a gasket. Now name 3 POSITIVE TRAITS about Asian men. What did you come up with?!?  If that is all you constantly hear and receive this is all you going to believe and perceive.

2. Feminism. It’s a liberating time to be a woman, compared to eras past. When it comes to being politically correct, men and women are equals but all that liberation shouldn’t go to a gal’s head. While culture has widened what’s acceptable for a woman, it hasn’t allowed as much wiggle room for men.  Is it me or does that seem to be a bit one-sided? It’s like the equivalent of trying to give some sort of “empowerment” to Black women that doesn’t exist in the first place. The last time I checked I thought relationships were two people working as a TEAM, for a common goal, as opposed to someone (Man or Woman) trying the run the show.  What are you embracing and who are you embracing it from? First question, what woman was the spearhead for the feminist movement in the 60’s that helped usher in the new age of equality for women? FYI, She wasn’t African-American. Second question, was and is feminism truly your cause or someone else’s?

The state of Black relationships cannot be determined by what society thinks are or deems as “important”.  The state of Black relationships can only be determined by our own people sitting down and having true heart-to-heart discussions and getting down the issues that will keep us together for the long haul. If we cannot rely on our Black women to treat us with the love and respect we deserve then WHO?!?

Written by Fab 5

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