Angry Black Women?

The NY Times have been quite busy lately on the topic of black women particularly two of the most influential, and visible black women in America: First Lady Michelle Obama, and producer of Scandal, and Grey's Anatomy, Shonda Rhimes. Recently Sheryl Gay Stolberg of the NY Times promoted her article " Michelle Obama furiously cites her views on the segregation of Americas schools. In the article the First Lady cites in an interview how not only are the schools becoming increasingly segregated, but also the schools are not equal with African Americans lagging behind. She cites how efforts to integrate have been pulled back, and communities are becoming less diverse. These statistics do not reflect progress in the area of racial equality, and should be unsettling to say the least.

Meanwhile Alessandra Stanley of the NY Times wrote on 9/18/14 that Shonda's new series "How to get away with murder" should be called how to get away with being an angry black woman. In that statement Stanley is clearly referring to the notion that black women are angry, and are hindered by this for they are not allowed to be angry. Stanley goes on in the article to state how Rhimes productions showcase powerful, and intimidating black women. She also states how Rhimes has done more to reset the image of African-American women on television since Oprah.

What I would like to know is, who are these characters intimidating to? And what image has the black woman on television been reset to? That’s open to debate, but why would the idea of intelligent strong black women be intimidating? Why would you not allow some one to show an emotion or passion for improvement? It is because the status quo seeks to keep things the way they are, and will fight motivation to change. Change is the enemy of the status quo, so motivation for change is seen as aggression, an attack or intimidating. Black people are currently struggling to survive in large numbers around the globe, and have been for the past 2000 years. Where there's struggle there is fight, where there's fight there's aggression. In a competitive world where everyone searches for an advantage, and people are targeted by race, and culture in an attempt to eliminate the competition because worthy competition is a threat, therefore intimidating. The wealth, and education gap between blacks, and whites in America have remained virtually unchanged since the 1920's.
The incarceration rate of black people is widely disproportioned with blacks making up 15% of the countries’ population, yet making up well over 60% of the prison population in America. The number of our youth being murdered unjustly, and being affected by violence period is wildly lopsided with black children on the worst end of that stat. For those black people who care about themselves, and connect with those who share similar life experiences, it is imperative that we begin to see positive change in regards to these numbers. Only those who seek to prevent change in this regard and maintain the status quo would reject any attempts to improve the current situation of black people in America.

So if they label Michelle Obama, and Shonda Rhimes as angry black women...I would say that they are passionate, assertive, and strong black women! Sorry if that may be intimidating to some. They, as black women, care about themselves, and their family, and have a lot to be angry about. It's not the anger that holds us back, it's the misdirected use of that anger which causes trouble for black people.

Where I'm from being angry was also called being heated. In science it is said that heat can make anything move, and forward motion is needed for positive change. So just maybe if more black people were heated for a cause, bonded together by that heat, and used that heat energy wisely maybe just maybe we can move forward making strides in changing those devastating numbers around. We could secure a future for ourselves, our family and those you connect with.


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