After work Happy Hour

 Okay so now that you have the position and have polished your “corporate look”, the true corporate brother must stay “on point” in all situations. Here are three simple rules that will help you make the most of the after-work social scene.

Rule number one…You are ALWAYS on the clock!  Stay in professional mode, even though you are not in the office. Happy hour is the “perfect storm” where you can make a lasting impression. Please beware as this could be the first steps to career progression or a “career limiting move”.  Now there’s nothing wrong with having a drink, In fact, avoiding events where alcohol is served could negatively impact your career. Participate, even if you choose not to drink.  If are noticeably absent at “corporate voluntary” happy hour, you’ll miss out on valuable face-time with colleagues, internal customers i.e. administrators, and your boss, and it can create the stigma of not being a “team player”. Instead use Happy hour as an opportunity to shine!

Rule number two, know your limitations with alcohol. (see rule number one) If you’ve reached your limit or don’t want to drink at all, you can still fit in by ordering a club soda with a twist of lime and a splash of cranberry juice. The open bar at the company holiday party or a happy hour event is not the place to get your “Hen Dog” or “Incredible Hulk” ON! Keep it simple, a spirit with a mixer is most common, vodka and cranberry or seven and seven as an example, even a bottle of beer wrapped with a napkin, allows you to order later in the evening omitting the alcohol and or conceal the actual amount being consumed with the napkin. Carry a drink around with you as a prop and drink only half (or none) of it. Learn to sip rather than guzzle your drink, it’s not a race!  No one will notice if you are drinking conservatively if they are engaged in meaningful conversation.

Rule number three, fun is not your primary objective. Never make the mistake of thinking a work-sponsored event is a chance to “get it in” and “turn up.” Enjoy yourself, but remember that supervisors and other management will be there observing your behavior and what they will see is a brother on top of their game, that can hang with the owls and soar with the eagles! (The next morning)

-Written by The Corporate Insider

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